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Supervision, Management, and Leadership

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Introduction to Management (Online)

This online self-paced course helps new supervisors transition into management roles and helps experienced supervisors refresh their understanding of the practice of management.
Coaching for Performance and Growth

Participants learn to provide positive feedback and recognition and to assess performance concerns and apply coaching skills to improve employee performance.
Delegating For Success & Accountability

Participants learn to apply a structured process of delegation and communication skills to transfer work tasks and projects to a staff person or to a team member.
Successful Hiring

This course equips supervisors to hire the best people and to do so in a way that is within legal parameters.
Setting Performance Expectations

In this course, participants learn how to work with staff to identify meaningful performance expectations and standards and to communicate them.
Developing Staff for Performance and Growth

Learn a structured process for developing your own performance plan and to support staff in developing their own performance plan.
Supervising According to Union Contracts & PPSM

This course equips supervisors with core understandings and skills needed to administer union contracts, to work with union representatives, and to supervise represented employees.
OLPPS Inquiry (Online)

In this online class explore the Inquiry functions of the On-line Payroll/Personnel System (OLPPS).
Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. This course is strongly recommended as preparation for OLPPS Inquiry & Entry/Update Training. 

Conducting Performance Appraisals

When used properly, the performance appraisal is a powerful tool for managing employee performance, for managing risk, and for developing employees. This course will provide you a framework for leveraging the power of the annual performance appraisal. 
Conducting the Annual Performance Appraisal (Online)

This course will provide you a framework for leveraging the power of the annual performance appraisal.
EEO Law and Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

In this overview class participants learn to manage employment-related risk by supervising in compliance with key laws and UCSF employee relations policies.
Get to the Point! Effective Business Writing

Learn to get your point across quickly, clearly, concisely and powerfully. Determine your purpose and analyze your audience. Write powerful openings. Write for high skim value. Eliminate wordy and unclear language. Learn practical tips and tools that make written communications - no matter what they are - more effective.

Prerequisite: Write Right! Business Writing Basics class, or equivalent knowledge. 
Guide to the Interactive Process and Reasonable Accommodation (e-learning)

This is a video training guide on how to engage an employee with a disability in the interactive process. The video provides guidance as to how to avoid problems; common misconceptions that may occur when working with an employee with a disability; and, provides guidance as to the proper way to engage in the interactive process. The training is based on actual scenarios that have occurred. The video is about 15 minutes long.
How to Conduct Effective Meetings - COMING SOON

In this ½ day session we will discuss and practice techniques you can use to improve the meetings you facilitate and attend.
Management Skills Assessment Program-Assessees

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a residential staff development program designed to assist participants assess their current supervisory/management skills and to target future career development activities. Selection for participation is competitive. Applicants must be nominated and strongly supported by their supervisors.
Management Skills Assessment Program-Assessors

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a off-site UC system-wide residential program. Management Assessors provide behavioral feedback on observed Assessee performance. Assessees then use the received feedback to develop and hone their career development plans.
Assessors are experienced UC managers drawn from various locations throughout Northern California. They are generally at the level of MSO II (or equivalent) and above and actively support employee development in their units.
Manager Toolkit - online guides and tools
Coaching Your Stars
- This on-line guide provides managers with an examination of the five common myths associated with developing high potential employees (HIPOs) and easy steps on how to be become effective developers of this employee segment.
10 Keys to Delivering Performance Reviews
- Review the ten key components of delivering performance feedback to your direct reports. Research indicates that focusing on the right type of formal feedback can impact employee performance by more than 25%.
Day to Day Coaching
- Improve the impact of your coaching by using employees’ current assignments and responsibilities to help develop the skills they need.
Establishing Healthy Employee Relationships
- The most powerful lever for improving the performance of your direct reports is strengthening the relationships you share with them. This toolkit provides guidelines to help you get started.
Helping Your Employees Learn from Peers - On-the-job learning drives nearly three times more performance improvement than formal training approaches. This online toolkit will help you create a peer-to-peer learning environment where employees benefit from their coworkers’ experiences.
Making the Transition from Peer to Manager
- It can be challenging to balance relationships with former peers with your new managerial responsibilities. This toolkit will help you understand how your new role is different, establish expectations with your new direct reports, and build effective relationships with your new team.
Managing Change
- Use your influence as a supervisor or manager to improve your team’s ability to address change and its challenges.
Managing Virtual Teams
- Learn about manager roles and responsibilities in a virtual team and how to effectively manage these teams.
Recognizing Employees
- Recognizing employees’ work is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees and build team unity. This brief guide will help you improve the ways in which you recognize employee work.
Strategic Planning Toolkit
- This toolkit provides a model for taking an organization through a strategic planning process. It covers planning to do strategic planning, covering the background issues that need to inform or direct the planning process, and then defining the strategic framework for the project or organization activities.
Managing Diversity - eCourse

Upon completion of this course you will be acquainted with the tools, resources, and best practices available to you in outreach, recruitment, hire, and retention of a diverse workforce.
Conflict Management in the Workplace

Conflict is inevitable whenever people work together. However, well-managed conflict can result in many benefits. In this practical facilitated workshop, you build skills in managing conflict at work.
Accountability-Based Team Building

This workshop for intact teams is offered on an as-requested basis.  Contact Sausan Fahmy for more details.

HR - Benefits & Financial Planning

Learn the important role benefits & financial planning plays in the recruitment and retention of employees in an organization. Understand the role that government plays in the regulation of benefits & financial planning in all organizations and how UC practices, policies, and procedures relate to national issues and trends.
HR - Compensation Fundamentals

Understand the core principles employed by compensation professionals and how those fundamentals are applied on a day-to-day basis in your work at UCSF.
HR - Development

This course is intended to provide participants with an overview of the Human Resources Development and Training function.
HR - Health, Wellness, & Disability Management

Learn a three-tiered model to manage the risks and costs of injury, illness and disability.
HR - Labor & Employee Relations

This course provides an overview of the labor and employee relations function of Human Resources, and focuses on the rights and responsibilities of management, unions and employees in a unionized environment.

Those who supervise either represented or non-represented employees should enroll in both Supervising According to Union Contracts and PPSM and Supervising within the Law.
HR - Strategic Role

This course provides a conceptual overview of the significant strategic role that Human Resources now plays in organizations. It is the first in a series of foundation skill courses designed to build a common set of core Human Resources competencies.
HR - Workforce Planning & Employment

This course focuses on HR’s strategic role in recruitment and selection.

Supervisors and managers responsible for hiring employees should enroll in Recruiting & Hiring.
Manage with C.A.R.E. (e-course)

This course is targeted to FAS supervisors and managers who are expected to play a key role in enhancing overall customer responsiveness.

Conflict Management and Resolution Techniques

Conflict is an inevitable part of any working relationship. In this interactive session, we’ll assess your conflict style and learn to apply a six-step process to cut through the power
Attendance Management

Learn the factors associated with performing an attendance audit. Discuss attendance management with respect to an audit standard, and learn how to apply leave laws applicable to attendance monitoring.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Learn to recognize and evaluate situations of sexual harassment in academic and hospital settings. Discuss ways to improve your work environment (respect vs. harassment). Review UCSF’s sexual harassment policy and complaint procedures, and learn how to handle sexual harassment complaints.

This course is for Managers, Supervisors, and Faculty only.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This on-line, self-paced course discusses the purpose and essential provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It outlines the requirements and management practices for administering the Act when needed.
Workers’ Compensation Payroll Procedures & Web Calculator

Correctly implement disability-related policies and procedures. Use web-based calculators to calculate leave balance and payments due, estimate the payroll cost of work-related disability, and predict significant leave dates.