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Hiring Manager’s Toolkit

How to make sure your top candidate understands why UCSF is a great place to work.

Letter to Hiring Managers

New Additions


Dear Hiring Manager,

We are pleased to provide you with this powerful hiring tool.

Employers are in perpetual competition to hire the most qualified and talented candidates from the same pool of available applicants.

Ultimately, each employer makes their best offer and waits, at times with bated breath, their preferred candidate’s decision. Which employer will the candidate choose? What motivates a
candidate to choose the offer of one employer over another?

The candidate will choose the offer that holds the most ‘value’.  That perceived value will be a combination of various factors: salary, benefits, services, work environment, opportunity, prestige, culture, to name a few. Candidates will assign a different weight to each of these components and estimate the overall value, the Total Compensation, offered by the job.

This packet will assist you in communicating the full value offered by UCSF employment. We are fortunate at UCSF to have such a broad and varied spectrum of employment components to offer
potential candidates. This is something with which few employers can compete!

UCSF Human Resources