How Can I Receive Care at UCSF Medical Center?

Employees who are enrolled in any of the following plans may receive care at UCSF Medical Center:

  1. Health Net Blue & Gold
  2. UC Care
  3. Blue Shield Health Savings Plan
  4. Core

However, if you are enrolled in Health Net Blue & Gold you will also need to select a San Francisco Hill Physicians Medical Group provider.

Hill Physicians Medical Group, with approximately 1,000 participating physicians in San Francisco, includes all providers at UCSF.

Selecting a primary care provider at UCSF Medical Center

In order to offer UC employees more primary care options, UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Medical Group continue to expand primary care access.  Additionally, through MyChart, UCSF’s patient portal, patients can make appointments, communicate with their doctor and request prescription refills.

For additional general information on UCSF primary care physicians who are currently taking new patient, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions About Access and Privacy

To address common employee questions about access to care and privacy concerns, a list of FAQ’s has been developed. That list of questions and answers can be found here.