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Transitional Work Program

Temporary work modification to facilitate medical recovery


Transitional Work Toolkit

Use the toolkit to create a clearly defined and effective Transitional Work plan.
Contents of Toolkit:

What is Transitional Work?


Transitional work allows an employee with temporary restrictions to work in a modified, alternative, or reduced-hours capacity, for a defined period of time, while recuperating from an illness or injury.


The University strives to return an injured/disabled employee to work as soon as the employee’s condition permits. Allowing an employee with a disability to perform transitional work enables the employee to return to maximum health and productivity much faster than if required to stay off work.

Transitional work includes the following:

It is important for the employee and supervisor to develop a formalized Transitional Work Plan document that details the specifics of the return-to-work arrangements. This document is important because it will inform each party of the specific work assignments, temporary work modifications, and defined start and end dates to lessen the possibility of any misunderstanding that may occur while an employee is working in a reduced capacity while healing from an injury or illness.

Supervisor’s Checklist